Botulinum toxin wrinkle remove solution

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Product Name:Botulinum wrinkle remove stock solution   
specification: 10ml
Shelf life: three years
Efficacy: Awaken sleeping elastic skin, lift, nourish, plump, replenish water, repair cellular elastic fibers, enhance skin vitality and promote skin elasticity, so as to achieve the effect of lifting fine lines.

Product ingredients: Botulinum extract, oat polypeptide, hexopeptide

Suitable for skin type: it is used with normal skin, especially for people with fine lines, dark and rough skin

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What problems does your skin face?

High work pressure, excessive fatigue, decreased resistance and environmental pollution make your skin aging ahead of time. Facing a series of tight work, modern working women not only suffer pressure in their hearts, but also make their skin bear great lethality. Their skin is dark, their pores are thick, their skin texture is rough, fine lines emerge, dry and dry, sagging, orange spots, dark and dull, fragile and sensitive and other skin problems. The pseudo aging state quietly climbs onto their face

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Five skin problems can be solved in one bottle, so that you can return to the "girlhood"

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Skin care expert - Botox rod lifting and moisturizing stock solution

Improve the dryness, sagging and aging wrinkles caused by cell aging

Endow the skin with sufficient moisture and super water locking ability, leaving the skin elastic, firm and smooth

Promote the self repair and renewal of stem cells and restore the primary vitality of epidermal stem cells

The unique skin penetration promotion technology can immediately penetrate the muscle bottom and awaken the skin's own repair energy

The skin is full, elastic, smooth and shiny, and actively prevents skin aging

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Extract many kinds of natural plant essence

Plant ingredients, skin care base makeup, two in one

Botulinum extract

Repair cell elasticity, effectively increase skin elasticity, so as to achieve the effect of lifting

Oat polypeptide

Small molecular peptides enter the skin and play the role of moisturizing factor, which can soften the skin, lock the skin moisture and moisturize the skin


Peptides released by the hydrolysis of protein precursors when needed mainly regulate the relaxation or contraction of blood vessels

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Multiple use methods, more than a little!

1. Basic nursing
Apply the original solution after using the toner

2 DIY use
Use of the original mixture with mask / cream.
Make up water or mineral water: mixed with stock solution (10:1)

3 whole body care
Add proper stock solution to body milk / spa

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Usage method

1. Lift up the plastic cover
2. Remove the aluminum foil cover together
3. Remove the bottle mouth rubber cap
4. Install the dripper
5. Clean facial skin
6. Drop the original liquid on the tiger's mouth (between thumb and index finger)
7. Apply it to the face, gently pat and massage until absorbed
8. Carry out follow-up maintenance

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